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Founded On Personal Experience, Developed Through Compassion And Hard Work

Vachhani & AssociatesIn 1984, Jagdish Motiram Vachhani, Esq. (late), founded the Law Office of Vachhani & Associates in Artesia, California, with the goal of helping people achieve the American dream. He opened his law firm's doors to immigrants all over the world, vowing to provide accessible, ethical and compassionate legal services.

Mr. Vachhani was an immigrant from India who arrived in the U.S. in 1974 and experienced the many complications of the immigration system. He vowed that he would prevent others from facing the same challenges he and his family did. His motivation to help others propelled him through law school and into his own practice, which he opened in his garage. In a short amount of time, he developed a reputation across California for his unabashed honesty and integrity.

With his hard work and compassion, he soon became the lawyer owner of one of the largest South Asian immigration practices on the west coast, and a role model to the immigration community.

Carrying On Her Father's Legacy: Sungina J. Vachhani

Vachhani & AssociatesMr. Vachhani was also a role model to his daughter, Sungina J. Vachhani, Esq., who has worked in the law firm in some capacity since she was 12 years old. Upon her father's passing in 2001, she took over the firm and expanded it to help both immigrants and individuals going through family law challenges. Like her father, she graduated from law school in record time (she was the youngest graduate in the history of Trinity Law School), and set her sights on providing excellent service to California families and immigrants from all over the world.

She adds business savvy and technological know-how to her father's tradition of providing candid advice based on a complete understanding of the law. Learn more about Ms. Vachhani and her father by reading the attorney profiles below:

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As you can see from our story, we do not exist to make money. We exist to help people like you achieve their dreams. We truly believe in what we do and in every case we take. If we choose to work with you, we will put 110 percent into your case, as we have for many clients before you. Perhaps that is why we have a 96 percent approval rating and a 98 percent success rate for immigration cases.

Your success is our success. When we base our success on the number of people we have helped achieve their goals, then your success becomes our success. Contact us online or call 562-888-5094 to discuss your future.

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