Helping Immigrants And Families Achieve Their Legal Goals

What does success mean for you? Does it mean obtaining a green card or visa? Does it mean hiring a foreign national to improve your business? Does it mean protecting your children during a child custody dispute or divorce?

Whatever success means for you, we want to help you achieve it. When our founder, Jagdish M. Vachhani, Esq., opened the doors of our firm more than 30 years ago, he wanted to prevent others from experiencing what his family went through when they immigrated to the U.S. from India in 1974. Today, our law firm — now run by his daughter, lawyer Sungina J. Vachhani — has a reputation for being one of the most successful immigration law firms in California and also a top-notch family law firm.

From our law offices in Artesia, we represent clients through California — including those in Cerritos, Norwalk and Downey — and around the world.

When We Take A Case, We Believe In It

We have a 98 percent success rate for immigration cases because we believe in the cases we take. Many of our clients get approval after their first application, but if you face a denial, we will re-file until you are approved. We do not give up on our clients; we believe in them and want to help them realize their dreams.

Our understanding of the law — in both immigration and family law — allows us to give our clients candid advice. We pride ourselves that our clients say, "[They] will tell you the truth if what you want is realistic or find other ways to get what you are looking for." (Taken from a review.) After leaving our office, you will feel at ease and have the information you need to make informed decisions.